Renting / Terms and Conditions / Allocation

  1. I wish to rent an accommodation, what should I do?

    Have you found an accommodation  that you are interested in renting under  ‘Huuraanbod’ (Accommodation for rent)? By clicking ‘Ik wil deze woning’ (I wish to rent this accommodation) you will be directed straight to the ‘Huurcalculator’ (Rental Fee Calculator). Please supply the required information here, and indicate your interest in renting that accommodation. The agency will then contact you.

  2. Do I get priority if I have attended the ‘Start Verhuur’ day?

    If you have attended the ‘Start Verhuur’ day, you will have submitted your information, after you received the brochure. In that case, you need to indicate your preferences on our website under ‘Huuraanbod’. You must also go through the ‘Huurcalculator’.  During the allocation procedure, applicants who have visited the ‘Start Verhuur’ day have priority over other applicants.

  3. What are the income requirements, in order to qualify for renting accommodation?

    Through the ‘Huurcalculator’ you can find out whether you qualify for the accommodation you wish to rent. You will immediately be shown the approximate rental fee you can rent accommodation for. Caution: This is only an estimated indication. The average requirement regarding your income is 3.5 to 4 times the monthly rental fee, with 50% of a second income added. Your owned capital will count towards your gross annual income for 10%.

    Download the checklist containing the rental Terms & Conditions here

  4. Which documents am I required to supply?
  5. I did not attend the ‘Start Verhuur’ day. Do I still qualify for renting the accommodation?

    Yes, of course you can still apply for accommodation. To do so, please go to ‘Huuraanbod’ and click on ‘Ik wil deze woning’. After going through the ‘Huurcalculator’, you can express your interest in that accommodation, after which you will be contacted. The current availability is indicated in the ‘Huuraanbod’ section. Should all accommodation have been allocated, this will be mentioned there.

  6. How will accommodation be allocated?

    Accommodation is allocated based on the income requirement, the documents supplied, and the availability. Candidates that are present during the ‘Start Verhuur’ day will get priority in allocation. Should multiple applicants react to the same accommodation,  a drawing of lots will take place.

  7. I will be selling my house. Can I still qualify for rental accommodation?

    If you meet the requirements that were set, you may qualify for rental accommodation under certain conditions. This means, that your accommodation must have been sold (under conditions). One provision here is that the terminating clauses of your sales contract must have expired, before the rental agreement regarding Brink 5 is activated. For further information, please consult your estate agent..

  8. I do not have enough income of my own. Can I get a financial guarantor?

    In case of a special income situation, please contact the estate agent. Please note: This accommodation is not rented out to students.

Delivery / Completion / Parking

  1. When will the accommodation be delivered?

    It is expected, provisionally, that the accommodation will be delivered in Q1 of 2019. This depends completely on the progress during the building process, and the term mentioned is yet to be seen as a provisional prognosis. You will be notified about the definite delivery date timely, at least 4 weeks in advance.

  2. How will accommodation be delivered?

    Please download the brochure or visit the page ‘Technische omschrijving’ (Technical description) to see how the accommodation will be finished.

  3. What is the difference between Bell and Bell+?

    For the Bell type accommodation, the kitchen is equipped with built in appliances (hob, combi/oven, dishwasher, fridge/freezer) and the bathroom is equipped with a walk-in shower. Walls are wallpaper-ready and the backyard is fitted with (terrace) tiles. The Bell+ type accommodation is equipped with laminate flooring, including the subfloor, and baseboards of your own choice, blinds, and completely finished walls, so it is ready to move in!

  4. Can I pick a kitchen and/or bathroom myself?

    No, unfortunately you cannot. The landlord will equip the accommodation with a luxurious kitchen, containing built-in appliances, and a comfortable bathroom.

  5. Can I park my car nearby?

    Every tenant is allotted one parking space on the inner court behind the accommodation. If you own a second car, you can park it in the neighbourhood, at your own convenience and free of charge.

Rental fees / Rental period / security deposit

  1. Which additional costs will be charged?

    Besides the monthly rental fees, as mentioned under ‘huuraanbod’, you will need to pay at least one monthly rental fee’s amount towards a security deposit. Depending on your personal situation, the security deposit could end up a bit higher than that (for instance if you are self-employed). We will notify you of this ahead of time. You will, of course, incur additional costs for utilities, such as electricity, heating, water, and Internet/Television.

  2. Are there any service charges besides the rental fee?

    No, this accommodation does not require the payment of any service charges.

  3. Is there a registration fee?

    No, applying for rental accommodation in this project is free of charge. No fee for administration and/or mediation, nor any other commission of any kind, applies. Will you be renting accommodation, instead of buying it? Then you will pay one month’s fee towards rent, and another month’s fee towards  a security deposit, in advance.

  4. What is the minimal rental period?

    The minimal rental period is at least one year. After that, the rental agreement can be terminated by the end of a month, after observing one month’s notice. For example: You begin renting the accommodation as of January 1, 2019. The minimum term is one year. You notify us on December 19, that you wish to terminate the agreement. The rental agreement will be terminated as per January 31, 2020 at the earliest. Should you terminate the agreement before December 1, 2019, you may vacate the premises by December 31, 2019, as by then you have rented the accommodation for a year, and you also observed the one month’s notice period.

  5. Will I get my security deposit refunded?

    Only if you vacate the premises, and there is no unpaid rent due, will you be refunded the security deposit. The accommodation also needs to be delivered in its original state (as it was when you moved in). This means, that there should be no alterations or damage, and all keys should be accounted for.


  1. The question I have is not listed here. Who can I contact to get an answer?

    For further information, please contact Ruseler makelaars. They will be pleased to help you with any further enquiries. Please contact them by phone, under 015-3698124.